Simon Richards

orthopaedic surgeon


your Specialist in conditions


of the arm & hand


Good morning Simon, Just a quick few lines to thank you and your team  for the excellent work you did on my hand last Saturday.  I took some Panadol on Sunday and Monday but not since.  Already full sensation  has returned  to my fingers. I had forgotten what full touch sensation was like.

Job well done and I look forward to moving  on to deal with my left hand and elbow
E W 

I am doing well after op. Have had very little pain. Exercises going well. I was most impressed with the care I had. I was lucky to have one nurse looking after me all the time. It goes without saying the Consultant and Anaesthetist first class. My morale has returned after all these months.

Thank you Elissa for all your help.


I am recovering well, please do pass on my thanks to Mr Richards and his team for looking after me excellently.

I am now pain free, COVID free and I think Simon is a star

All the best

I recently attended for a final appointment re my fracture wrist operation…

I wish to thank you firstly for a successful operation and secondly for making the follow up appointment a pleasant one. It is frightening not knowing how much one can use the affected area but I left the appointment feeling very confident. Your work must be very stressful but you showed no sign of that and answered my questions without me feeling rushed.

Thank you once again.

I just wondered if you have a chance to pass on my grateful thanks to Mr. Richards for “repairing” my hands.
I am now able to sleep through the night, but best of all I can “feel” things again, like my paintbrushes and pencils.   A wonderful result, thank you.

I am just writing to thank you for your care and consideration over the last
few years.  Thanks to your continued efforts I now have hands that are pain free and enable me to do all the things I need to, and some things I haven’t been able to do for about 5years, including knitting a small pleasure and a bonus I didn’t really expect.

I’m sure that in the grand scheme of things my surgeries were a very small
and insignificant part of your daily work but nevertheless you have made a huge difference to this very happy lady. Small words, big meaning… thank you.

Thank you for every op. You have made me very happy. I am able to continue life with confidence

Thank you for treating my broken arms. I am so grateful for you staying late to fit an appointment in for me when I was first injured. I’m pleased to be back paddling in the dragon boat again now.

The Hospital procedure was a first class experience. Many thanks to all involved…and, the food was absolutely great!!

This lady would like to pass on her thanks for the trapeziectomy you performed for her in November 2020. She has the full use of her hand back, good improvement in pain and a virtually invisible scar

Happy to say I no longer have the pain, or the pins and needles sensation in my hand and the feeling in my thumb is gradually returning. Needless to say I am very happy with the outcome.
Many thanks to Mr Richards.

Everything is going very well thank you and I cannot thank Simon and his team enough. Everyone was so helpful on the day.

I would just like to also thank Mr Richards, yourself and all other staff for looking after me. Amazing care.
Kind regards

Everything so far had been spot on and I have had a 10/10 experience.